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Love Me, Love My Dogs.

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Art is awesome. | Blog Love | Doggies! | Ginger Rogers | Stuff I Love | Stuff that comes in the mail

If you are going to come over to our house, you have to expect* a few things:

1. You will be greeted by 1-3 dogs. Most likely 2.

2. If you let them, my dogs will try to turn you into their own personal pillows.

3. Once you cross the threshold into our home, you will immediately be covered in dog hair. Rufus says “deal with it.”

Basically, we are the embodiment of the mantra “love me, love my dogs.” In fact, my dear friend Aleks from Love and a Six-Foot Leash was kind enough to make me this print after I oooh’ed and ahh’ed at the one she made for Kate from Twenty-Six to Life for the Pittie Posse Secret Santa last year!

Of course, she changed the color scheme to fit our beach-y themed home.

A nice frame and matte from Hobby Lobby bumped this bad boy up to eleven, if you will.

And now, it is displayed proudly in our bedroom. And if someone complains about the thick layer of dog hair covering their tush when they get off the couch, I can point to the sign… then hand them a lint roller.

What are some things your friends and family should expect when they come over to your (dog-centric) house?

* While we are a dog-centric home, we do our best to respect the wishes of our family and friends. We train our dogs not to jump on visitors (although that is an on-going struggle), not to beg for food at dinner, and we give the dogs activities to do so they are not constantly in our guests’ faces. But the dog hair… so far we’ve been unable to find a way to rid ourselves (and our guests) of that.

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  • avatar Emily says:

    We battle the dog hair in our house too, it’s never ending, but everyone who knows us should expect that right? We have two large dogs!

  • Drool. Lots and lots of drool. And please don’t wear white pants to my house – Maggie knows when you are wearing white pants and she always jumps up on them to leave her paw-tograph.

  • I love this post. I feel the same way – if you don’t like my dogs, you probably are not going to enjoy time at my house. We teach our dogs to be respectful so they are not a nuissance to guests. But, they will be there, and I will not banish them to the backyard. And I love, love LOVE that print!!

  • avatar Rob says:

    Dog hair( in our house it is considered a condiment) and a 110# dog trying to get into your lap when you sit. And if you don’t like it- go stay at a hotel!

  • avatar adorabully says:

    I will admit our pack are barkers. While they LOVE company, they do like to welcome our guests with rousing barking session. If you’re a guest they demand butt scratches first off. Expect some snot on your pants, to play catch with Buddy, to be licked excessivly by Bella, and not take in personally when Devo could care less about you. The one thing I do warn all men is watch your family jewels around Buddy. While he’s not a jumper, as it’s not allowed, he has this quirk of wacking men in their special place with his rock hard pittie noggin. I always feel so bad when it happens.

    • avatar Emily says:

      Adorabully – Turk has a knack for stabbing women right in their ovaries with his paws if he happens to break the rules and pounce! It’s happened to me before and I can attest to how unpleasant it is! :\

  • avatar kate says:

    Dog hair is a condiment (right?). jk (sorta). I love this. We obviously have the same type of house. I love what you did with Alek’s print!

  • avatar Debra says:

    At the Peaceabull Assembly household, visitors have to deal with the hair from three cats (though they will only ever see one of the three)and the pup. We do our best with the hair, but as everyone knows it is an uphill battle. We also have very specific rules around interacting with Ray. We don’t allow jumping but the majority of that behavior depends on the visitor. All visitors are instructed to ignore Ray for a solid 10 minutes until he is accustomed to them being there. Then when he sits can they pet him. That is a house rule and “oh its ok” doesn’t fly.

    Also my mantra is “they live here, you do not.” That may sound harsh, but visitors want to break the rules then I have a puppy who thinks its ok. Oy!

    • avatar Emily says:

      That is so smart to have guests ignore Ray until he is accustomed to having them there – and not to allow petting until he sits. We will have to try that – especially with an excitable pooch like Polly!

  • Brilliant! I love that picture of Rufus! Our visitors seem to mind the dogs less than one guy who lives with me. However, we do occasionally have a housekeeper come over for whom we take Charlie Machete to day boarding because he frightens her.

  • I LOVE THIS POST! I cannot tell you how much I can relate to what you said… I have friends who don’t want to come over because Zoe is such a maniac. She’s gotten *so* much better, though she still does have a tendency to push her entire face up people’s butts and/or vigorously lick their feet. The bigger problem is with people who are allergic to cats… our cats shed a lot more than Zoe does, so that’s an issue. We are vacuuming fiends, and I always have wooden chairs for people to sit on… but the allergies invariably kick in. So in addition to lint rollers, we have benadryl too! But everyone knows… if they want to see me, most likely, they’ll have to see my animals too. :)

  • avatar Corbin says:

    LOVE that sign! We have to deal with drool in our house… Corbin and most of our fosters haven’t been shedders… but drool, now that’s another story!
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

    • avatar Emily says:

      Jenn – we are dealing with the Drool Queen right now. Polly drools like crazy – there is always a puddle trail from the water dish to the living room. It’s a wonder we haven’t slipped and fell yet!

  • avatar Jackie says:

    We have a 100#+ german shepherd that we rescued about 7 months ago. She’s such a good girl and we really adore her, but I’ve never had a pooch that sheds like THIS. There’s a lint roller for guests at every exit… they’ve learned to deal with it.

    PS – love your blog. We’ll definitely be considering a pittie for our next adopting endeavour!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Jackie – Thank you! I completely feel your pain on the shedding. We have lint roller “stations” in both bathrooms and near the front door. Unfortunatley, it’s just a hazard of being a guest in our home. Luckily, no one complains too much. And the ones that do don’t stick around for long!

  • avatar tholupka says:

    This is life with a dog! I don’t even notice the hair anymore and I’ve stopped offering the lint brush, people need to relax! At our house, guys do need to enter wearing a cup cuase for some reason Melvin dive bombs their crotch…also, the most common question: what’s on my pants? The answer: dried drool.

    Love this post!

  • Love your new site. My house is exactly the same, although you add in the mad zoo of cats as well. Most of my friends have kids and we work on the “I’ll love your kids if you’ll love my animals” rule. So far, so good :)

  • avatar Lyndsey says:

    My house + 6 month old German Shorthaired Pointer puppy = chaos!! Lucky he doesn’t shed all that much but do expect the backdoor to be open…he is constantly in and out, he needs to protect his yard from squirrels and birds. There water puddle in the bathroom by the sink because he is a very messy drinker. Other than that for the most part he for the first 10 minutes you are there he freaks out, he won’t jump up on most people but it bugs that crap out of me when he does jump up and people are okay with it. My mom has figured out if she brings Hank a present (ie a bone) he will leave her alone, she HATES dogs but all of her kids have one so she has to deal with it.

  • Visitors can expect a joyful greeting, to be left in peace whilst eating (although we can’t stop them from trying to hypnotise you into handing over all the food) and to expect that at some stage they will have a 20 kilo lapdog vying for space on their chair. If staying at night, visitors are advised to shut the bedroom door otherwise they will be visited by one, possibly two black dogs during the night and both of them snore. We always tell friends and family that if they don’t like dogs then they’re best stay somewhere else :-)