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The benefits of bringing your dog to work

August 7th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Opt to Adopt | Pit Bull Pride | Polly Pocket

In the early days of bringing Polly home to foster she was so riddled with anxiety that leaving her home alone during the work day was not an option. Luckily, my boss is a huge dog lover and invited Polly to join me at the office for a few days. Well, a “few days” has turned into a regular occurrence over the past few months because my boss has enjoyed having her around so much.

Polly has become the perfect office mascot. She seems to know when she needs to be quiet and chilled out and when she should do something goofy to lift our spirits – like a mid-afternoon zoomies to snap us out of a post-lunch lull, followed by a big pittie smile.

Polly has developed a very special relationship with my boss. Every day I bring Polly to the office, she waits patiently by the front door for him to show up so they can carry out their routine.

When he arrives, she greets him joyously and checks his hands to see what he has brought her that day – a Kong ball to chew on or an order of Burger King tater tots or some other delicious treat. She then follows him into his office and waits patiently by his side while he eats his breakfast, graciously accepting any dropped bits of breakfast sandwich. Once their breakfast routine is over, Polly heads back to the front door to man her post as “client greeter.” Although she has been known to fall asleep on the job.

With as much joy as Polly has brought to our office, it was not the least bit surprising when I heard the International Journal of Workplace Health Management published a preliminary study in March that found bringing dogs to work “may buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact.

So far Polly has charmed every person she has come into contact with, including clients, with every one dropping down to her level to lavish her with head scratches and belly rubs. I want to clarify that I do leash Polly when a client comes into the office in order to respect their space (not everyone wants to be covered in Polly kisses). It also is a great opportunity for me to work on getting Polly to focus on me and sit quietly when she is faced with great excitement (like making a new friend), but most clients make a point to come to her, leash or no, to say hello. By the time they leave, Polly is their friend for life.

It has been a great experience to bring Polly with me to work, and I know that it has been great for her too. Maybe it could even lead to her finding her furever family? One can hope…

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  • it is fabulous to take your dog to work. They are definitely a stress reliever. Litchi used to always come to the office (which started out due to the same reasons as Polly with you). My previous Dalmation also used to come to the office, fairly regularly and everyone loved it. She made a point of going into each persons office to greet them.

  • She is so beautiful! My office allows dogs on Friday and Nola LOVES it. She greets everyone in the morning and then hangs out in my cube napping on her bed. I agree with the research, having dogs in the office does improve the work environment! Way to go Polly, hope your cute little face gets adopted soon!

  • avatar Emily says:

    What a great experience for Polly to go to work, I’m sure she loves it as much as everyone else does. And, you’re right, maybe it will help her find a new home!

  • I’m so jealous! My goal in life is to work somewhere that I can bring my dog(s) to the office. A couple questions: Do Turk & Rufus get jealous that they have to stay home, or do they enjoy their alone time? Also, do you have an “Adopt Me” flier or cards laid out anywhere for people who come in and meet her?

    • avatar Emily says:

      Rufus and Turk don’t seem to mind getting a break from Polly – also, they have free reign of the house when we are all home and Polly doesn’t. She is always on tie-down or confined to the kitchen or our bedroom, so they know they are still top dogs. 😉 I do carry business cards for my blog with my contact info so if anyone expresses interest I can give them one. I’ve handed a few out so far! :)

  • avatar tholupka says:

    Best boss in the whole world goes to your boss! I am so jealous when I see photos of dogs with their people at work. Our CEO brought his dog in one day, just once for like 20 minutes and the management company gave him a citation! Booo! Hissss!

  • the first few times i brought my pittie to the office, my boss made some kind of snide remark about how he was positive that the dog was going to go wild and attack him. now, i don’t bring the dog in when my boss is around, but the girls in the office love how he just snoozes all day and snuggles their toes while they work.

  • Oh, I am so jealous! Having a dog at work is so awesome. Back in Scooby’s days as my editorial assistant, he made my office the most popular place in the newsroom. And whenever I needed a calming walk around the block, he was ready and willing.

  • Hmmm, perhaps you need to market her as an experienced corporate office greeter. Does she have a resume yet? If not, maybe she should! :-)

  • I am self-employed and work out of my home. Having our three dogs around really helps the day go by. They also seem to know when I need a “break” and come visit for some head scratchies. Now, if I could just teach them to file or handle my invoicing….

  • I think more offices should allow dogs in the workplace – even if only on special days. Obviously I work with dogs, so I’m surrounded by them all day and it makes life so much better :)

  • I’ve always envied those who can take their pooches to work (I know that will never happen for me!). Has your boss been looking for a dog?

  • avatar Emily says:

    GAH! First of all I am so jealous you can bring her to work. When I have my morning coffee I watch all the pups play in the backyard and just wish to myself, “when will it be bring your dog to work day?” Polly is the ulimate little pittie package!