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The “Science” of Picking a Foster Dog

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Ginger Jr. | Ginger Rogers | Polly Pocket | Silliness

Several of you have made comments about my affinity for redheaded foster dogs.

I never really thought much of it. I mean, it’s not like I really sought out redheaded dogs to foster. They just happen to be the ones who need my help when I am available to foster… right? Well… maybe there is more to it than I had originally thought. The other day Daniel emailed me at work to tell me about a really cool thing he’d found online called Doggelganger – “Human to Canine Pairing Software.” Basically, this software is utilized by the animal shelter system in New Zealand to to help humans find their Bowser, which is slang for a dog that looks just like them. He sent me a screen shot of the dog he was paired with…

A redhead with a black mouth and eyes…just like Polly Pocket. Daniel remarked, “I used to think you just liked to bring home the saddest cases…now I think you’re bringing home dogs that look like me!” Well, it certainly would explain why I love each of those dogs so fiercely – they look like Daniel, right? Because I was curious, I decided to see what kind of dog I’d be paired with…

Coincidence?! I think not. Apparently there is more of a science to picking your dog than I once thought! Go to Doggelganger to see which dog you are paired with, then let me know if you think it’s right.

* In actuality, there is a lot more factors that go into picking which foster dog will be the best fit for our lifestyle than just if they are our “Bowsers.” I’ll share the formula we actually use later on this week! *

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  • Cool software! Although the true science is based upon matching energy and activity levels! For example, I have a med-high amt of energy, which requires a dog willing to exercise at least 3 hours per day, but I prefer a med tempered dog that loves to play but loves to relax when it’s time. My husband needs a dog active at least 5 hours per day as he is high energy non stop, he likes a more high energy dog that requires a lot of stimulation constantly. When I am surrounded by these type of higher energy dogs, I feel more anxious and I really dislike the feeling “vibe” it gives me, however a lower energy dog relaxes me. No picture could match this up without inputting this info!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Natasha – I completely agree with you. I probably should have placed some quotations around “science.” Obviously we put a lot more thought into picking the right dog for our pack than whether or not they look like us, but it was funny how close it came to choosing a dog who looks just like 75% of our fosters! :)

  • avatar woofssi says:

    Pretty cool – it matched me with a Mastiff Greyhound Mix named Pixie – she could have passed for a pittie if you ask me! The color is not my favorite – I’m a sucker for brindles, but that aside, I could totally fall in love!

  • avatar tholupka says:

    I can only imagine Daniel’s excitement when he realized this!

  • I discovered this a while ago and I loved it! Your post is making me want to do it again. :)

  • LOL awesome! You would love me then, because it paired me with the same dog as Daniel! I guess my affinity for brindles doesn’t have anything to do with my looks. :-)

  • avatar Emily says:

    I can’t help myself… I must find my doggelganger now!

  • I apparently have spotty skin. It matched me to a Dalmation! Ha!

  • That’s hilarious! It told me that I’m a “Medium Cross Breed” that looks like a pittie. I’ll take it!

  • I was paired with a Mastiff Cross as well, Emily. I tried it again with another picture and got the “Medium Cross Breed” that looks like Daniel. Guess it looks like you and Daniel are my perfect dogs! :-)

  • Cute idea! Coincidentally enough, I was matched with a cattle dog mix – I have been searching and researching a lot lately on Aussie mixes and cattle dog mixes as they were some of my favorites at work. Alex was matched up with a cutie similar to yours.

  • That is too funny! I think though that all of us are attracted to certain types and maybe that impacts who we are interested in fostering. We seem to like the big-headed, mellow mushy ones (kind of like a mix between our own 2 dogs).

  • avatar Emily says:

    How funny is that! Interesting software. One would think with our fosters we just really like female dogs but that’s so far what has been available when our house was ready.

  • Very cool, I wonder if it will match me with a black dog – I am a sucker for them :-)