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I’d like to check you for ticks

May 29th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Bumming Out | Bungie Nature | Doggies! | Overly dramatic | Turk's Takeover

Turk here…and I have a confession: I have ticks.

I’m so ashamed! Rufus has them too, but he is never ashamed of anything…

You see, we went to Shawnee Mission Park yesterday with our good friend Chloe (her mom is Amy from Fido Fetch Photography), and we went on a trek through the woods. We had so much fun running around, chasing squirrels, and playing in the water! Unfortunately, some ticks decided to take a ride on our legs, our bellies, on paws, and one even attached to Rufus’ eyebrow! Needless to say, it was very disturbing and embarrassing. Mama was super grossed out, even though I know she was trying to stay calm for our sake. I stayed very still while Mama picked every tick off me – Rufus, on the other hand, was very naughty and squirmed and squealed and even tried to bite Mama’s hand off! Maybe he just didn’t appreciate Mama’s rendition of “Ticks” by Brad Paisley that she sang while she picked off the ticks. Who knows?

My Mama did want to let you all know to be sure to check your dogs for ticks after spending anytime outside (especially in wooded areas) – even if they are on a tick preventative. Here is a link to information about tick prevention. In the meantime, I’ll continue to live out my shame quietly…listening to Mama singing about “checking me for ticks.”

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  • Luke is now less embarrassed about the tick in his eyebrow a few weeks ago. Pet owners, be sure to thoroughly check yourselves after a hike, too. Last time we had a tick scare, I had three times as many of the little buggers than the dogs did. I guess I’m a sweetie…

  • avatar tholupka says:

    This whole post makes me want to gag. Ticks make me gag. Gag, Gag, Gag. Poor all of you (and gag some more)! That is a darn good momma you have there cause Melvin’s momma would cry hysterically if this happened!

  • Ticks are gross and fascinating to me. Our sheep get them in their ears, the horses get them along their manes and luckily, we’ve avoided any latching on to people or cats for many years. I hope your dogs recover from their traumatic tick problem!

  • Uck! We had one too about three weeks ago. I now think every ailment Ray has is tied to it in some way.

  • I was singing a made up jingle for Kamanchi while I checked for ticks after your post yesterday! He licks my face to death when I sing……I think in an attempt to get me to stop. Singing a tune, even a made up one, during those embarrassing moments makes it more tolerable for both me and the dog. Happy to report that Kamanchi wa tick free and my neighbors now officially think I’m nuts :)

  • avatar Anna says:

    I have always loved that song. Mine are on prevention too but I hardly ever find them on them despite them being in the woods very often. Maybe they are like me and just don’t attact bugs as much. I have been adding some garlic to their AM meals, no idea if it is working at all, but they looooove it and it can’t hurt any. (They actually have to consume cloves and cloves of garlic for it to be toxic). But i always tell people the best prevention you can do is to check check check. Thankfully wyatt is light colored, and Luna does not have a ton of hair. Here’s to hoping the ticks leave you all alone.

  • Aww, poor Turk! (And Rufus!) Glad you are now tick free!

  • So glad we don’t have those kinds of tick problems! I haven’t found a single tick on any of my dogs after any hikes or camping trips.

  • OMG, I feel your pain. Nola and Laynie were on Frontline at the beginning of the month and although we only found one on them, we found multiple on us! Gross. So, we switched to Vectra and haven’t found any! Ticks are just little spiders that suck your blood, and I hate nothing more than spiders! Well, except ticks I guess.

  • Ticks are gross! Just a couple of weeks ago, we found one crawling on our kitchen table. I tried to smash it, but it was completely unsmashable! We finally flushed it down the toilet. Good luck, Turk and Rufus!

  • We’ve got quite a few deer ticks here in MD too … but your 15 in one pulling definitely breaks our record!

  • avatar Sam says:

    I hate when that happens! Ticks are rare here in AZ, but going to parks increases your chances of getting them!


  • OMG I will freak if/when I find a tick on Maisie. freak!!! I’ve been kinda checking, but I’m not really sure how to do it!

  • Both of our dogs have had paralysis ticks, they are quite common and can be fatal so we have to buy special collars for them every couple of months as well as checking them on a regular basis. Do you have a problem with them in the US?

    • avatar Emily says:

      I havent heard much about paralysis ticks! I think deer ticks are the biggest fear here, since they carry lyme disease.

      • Paralysis ticks are awful, they are spread by our native wildlife (kangaroos, possums, wallabies, etc) so living near bushland increases the risk for our pets. Because of our weather (humid, hot weather and heavy rain) we have had several bad seasons of them in our area and many have lost their beloved pets to paralysis ticks. Deers aren’t native to Australia and the ones running loose here are often the result of failed deer farms letting them go rather than responsibly dealing with them. I don’t hear much about lyme disease here, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem :-)