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Spring Break is for Snuggling

March 19th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Distractions from Studying | Doggies! | Fostering. | Lucy Lou | Opt to Adopt | Overly dramatic

Hello again! Foster Mama has been very busy with something called a “feces” or “thesis” – I’m not sure which one it is, but I do know that it means she spends more time with her computer than with me. And that is a travesty of epic proportions. So the other day I made a decision – I decided that I would make my saddest, most concerned face ever and show it to Foster Mama. Surely a model/actress such as myself can express the deepest of emotions just through my eyes. And this look would be so expressive, so heartbreaking, that Foster Mama would have no choice but to take some time away from her computer and focus on ME (and Rufus and Turk, if she so chose). So I made this face…

And then for good measure, I made this face too…

Wouldn’t you know it – it WORKED! Foster Mama told me yesterday that she is staying home ALL WEEK to hang out with me and me only, Turk, and Rufus! I mean, I thought my look would be effective enough for her to take a day off, but a whole week?! My powers of persuasion are better than I thought. I guess those late nights of Skyping with Chick for tips on “The Look” paid off (don’t worry, Kamanchi, Chick & I are just friends – you’re my only love!). I have the whole week planned out: morning snuggles, rope tug-o-war, afternoon snuggles, sunbathing on the deck, pre-Foster-Dad-gets-home-from-work snuggles, treat eating, Foster-Dad-and-Foster-Mama snuggles, and zoomies with Turk in the backyard while Foster Mama and Dad cheer us on. Unfortunately, Foster Mama just told me that even though she is staying home this week, she still has lots of work to do on her “thesis” so we might not get to everything on the list. And to that, I reserve THIS look…                       XOXO, Lucy Lou

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