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Turk’s Takeover: Ginger Jr is my Homegirl

January 25th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Ginger Jr. | Opt to Adopt | Turk's Takeover

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ginger Rogers. She was bigger than me and didn’t understand that I am the man in charge here! It was frustrating. We even came to blows a couple of times. I wasn’t sure what to think when mom brought home a Ginger Rogers look-a-like, but I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like her. Mom lets us play in 20 minute spurts in the backyard, which is good, because she wears me out!

Sometimes we will find a stick to death together, like this one…

Sometimes we play hide-and-go-seek…. shhhhhh! She doesn’t know where I am!

Oh, I guess she did know…

Sometimes I just let her chase me around the yard…

And sometimes, I even let her catch me…

I’m not saying I have a crush or anything, but I wouldn’t mind if Ginger, Jr. stuck around for awhile…you know what I mean?


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