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Giveaway-a-Day #2: keep the candle burning (and more questions answered)

December 27th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Ginger Rogers | Giveaways | KC Neighborhood Gems | Rescues | Stuff I Love | Volunteering

Yesterday, I explained a bit about my educational background, but Kate also wanted to know what I want to do with my M.A. once I graduate…

Well, volunteering with Heart of America Humane Society and fostering Miss Ginger Rogers has really changed my priorities in a way I never thought possible.

While my degree will be in Speech Communication with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Communication, I really have developed a heart for animal advocacy. I feel like the ability to communicate with the public is something that is sometimes lacking with rescue groups, and I’d like to help bridge that gap. I’m not sure where that will lead, but I’ve been looking into jobs at shelters and with rescue groups where I could work on educating the public about the benefits of spay/neuter or even specifically advocating for pit bulls. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing, but I know that I want to work with animals, so if I can make that happen, I know I will have a job where I feel fulfilled! Alright, enough about that…on to the next giveaway…

I have a minor candle obsession. Much like my love of yummy scented soaps for my dogs, I also lurve a yummy scented candle. If candles were crack, then 5B & Co. Candlemakers would be my dealer. I frequent the Brookside location almost weekly to stock up on my favorite scents, such as Tighty Whiteys (which smells like Downy fabric softener and cotton), Monkey Burps (which smells like bananas) or my holiday favorite, Santa’s Whiskers (which smells like gingersnap cookies and egg nog).

My assortment of 5B Candles is never far from reach!

One of the more interesting candles they pour is called Floyd. Floyd is the name of the owner’s black lab mix rescue dog. Floyd spends his days in the Weston, MO shop that Marsha runs and in honor of her rescue mutt, she started mixing the leftover wax from all the different scents into one pot to make uniquely scented pillar and votive candles. Because the candles poured are different every day, each set of Floyd candles is totally unique… just like a mutt! Oh, and for every pillar of Floyd sold, Marsha donates $5.00 to Heartland SPCA (formerly No More Homeless Pets KC), a local animal rescue. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now you have the opportunity to win one Floyd votive candle and another votive in one of 5B’s signature scents, packaged in a sweet, handmade gift bag.  Here are the details on how to enter:

  • PRIZE: See above
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “I LOVE MUTTS!” and tell me what you think your dog’s breed is. Is it purebred? Mixed breed? If mixed, what do you think the combination is? For a bonus entry, like us on Facebook and comment on the link for today’s post. If you already “liked” our page, leave a comment on the link for today’s post for your bonus entry.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at midnight CST
  • PRIZE SHIPS: Within the 50 United States
  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected using and announced on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 as an update to this post. I will also email the winner on the 28th for mailing address to send the prize out. That’s right, come right back here on Wednesday for the announcement of our winner. Good luck…

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* PS – We announced the winner of yesterday’s giveaway here! Is it you? Check it out! *


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – the winner is Andrea (comment #2)! Congratulations, Andrea!

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  • avatar Rachel says:

    I love mutts! And you said lurve right? That might be one of my favorite words ever haha. Really!
    My pups are both mixes… Amy is our little pitbull and Luke is our lab mix. Both amazing dogs :-)
    have a great day!

  • avatar Andrea says:

    I LOVE MUTTS! We did a DNA test on Beau and at first it came back saying he’s a full-bred American Bulldog. Yeah right! So, we had them run it again and the second time it came back as majority American Bulldog plus Miniature Bull Terrier and Hound. We still think there’s some Lab and maybe Sharpei in there too, though. Most importantly though, he’s 100% American Shelter Dog and we love him just the way he is!

  • I love mutts! (I really do, haha!) I know Clay is 100% greyhound!

  • I LOVE MUTTS!!!…my 3 1/2 year old pup completely RESCUED me! She is an american pitbull terrier but mostly everyone who meets her thinks shes is small black lab…LOL…including my extended family…whom when I got her at 4 weeks old…they all were fearful and questioned …”oohhh a pitbull? Really?”…and were all very hesitant…but I never gave it a thought…i had never had a dog before but the connection with her was amazing an I knew I would raise her right and quickly preached it the owner, not the breed. She converted my entire family which consists of nearly 45 aunts/uncles, 63 first cousins all of which she visits and plays with, from year old tots to 65-year old aunts, shes friendly and kind and boy oh boy did her christmas presents come from all directions!

  • avatar Cori says:

    I love mutts! Someday, I may have one of my own (You should have off school more often, your blog is really fun!)

  • avatar Anita says:

    I LOVE MUTTS! I adore that pic of you and ginger! Pug is for sure 100% pug and I would add 20% british economist. Maize well my guess is that she’s a boxer am staff mix but I swear there is some shiba inu in her.

  • I love mutts! We have a two year old lab/pointer mix. I wanted to get her the DNA test for her Christmas present so we could really figure out what she is, but it slipped my mind! We’ll have to work on that one…

  • I love mutts! Had a DNA test on Fred- apparently he is AMBULL Mixed with a ton of other dogs from Irish Wolf Hound, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Amer Staff, and a couple others! Angel is a Pit Mix/Plott Hound

  • I LOVE MUTTS! Kamanchi is my wonderful 8 year old pitte-lab mix. I’ve always had dogs and they’ve always been mutts. I got Kamanchi when he was 1 years old. Kamanchi is my first pittie mix and my first dog with a history. It has been a long road and a lot of work but he has brought me such joy and has made me a far better person. I truly believe that we found each other for a reason. He is my ever present sidekick and I love him dearly.

  • I love mutts (and candles too!). I’m pretty sure Maggie is a canine cyborg mix of lab and Chuckit. Sadie is 100% love with a dash of pitbull and lab on the side. And Hurley is mostly mischief sprinkled with some St Bernard and Golden Retriever. :)

  • I Love Mutts! I am also a TOTAL candle whore! 😉 Maggie is a Rottie/Lab and Stranger Danger is a Pittie/Bullmastiff/Who Knows mix. They are my loves!

  • I LOVE MUTTS…We have two dogs, Jake is 50/50 American Bulldog/American Staffordshire, he looks 100% AmStaff but has a lot of the American Bulldog temperament. Abbey our party girl is the mixed breed pinup girl. Abbey is a mix of American Stafffordshire, American Bulldog, Doberman (these are the primary breeds) and then she has the following breeds:-
    German wire haired pointer
    Bouvier des flanders
    Cocker spaniel
    Abbey although a mix of eight breeds is a stunning dog and really does show that only arou d 5% of the dog looks comes from their DNA.

  • I LOVE MUTTS! Our home currently contains two seemingly purebred dogs — Luke the golden retriever and Scooby the miniature pinscher.

    Our trail dogs are of the Heinz 57 variety, however. I have lost entire evenings researching different husky mixes to determine Minnie’s lineage: Husky/German Shepherd? Husky/Red Heeler? Husky/Akita? Husky/Carolina Dog?

    As you know, we market the handsome Charlie Machete as a black lab mix — probably with pittie and maybe a little chow.

  • I LOVE MUTTS….(hoping this comment doesn’t appear for a second time).

    We have two dogs, Jake is 50/50 American Bull dog and American Staffordshire. He looks 100% AmStaff and has a very mellow tempermant.

    Abbey is our party girl and is the mix breed pinup. She is a mix of eight individual breeds, including:-
    American Bulldog
    American Staffordshire
    Doberman Pinscher
    German Wire Haired Pointer
    Bouvier des Flanders
    Cocker Spaniel
    Abbey is a stunning dog and really does back up the theory that only 5% of a dogs DNA comes through in their looks.

  • avatar Titan says:

    I Love Mutts! I just received the results of my DNA test and I’m (drum roll, plz)…Miniature Bull Terrier, Bulldog and Otterhound. Go figure. I look a lot like a chocolate lab/pit mix but my mama says as far as she can tell “I’m 100% dog”. ;o)

  • avatar Keri says:

    I Love Mutts! More specifically my own! I think she’s a Airedale terrior & wiredhaired pointer mix. Her coloring is black tan & white with a fuzzy face her hair is wired & she has a head like a pointers. She has 2 siblings both of which don’t look a thing like her nor each other! I love guessing what she is & laughing when people ask me what she is!

  • avatar Nicole says:

    I Love Mutts! Giah is pittie mix/100% snuggle bear, Brodie is beagle/other hound, Jodie is lab/pointer and finally Moses is pittie/lab/shar-pei. I may have adopted them but they rescue me everyday.

  • avatar Corbin says:

    I LOVE MUTTS!!!!! :-) I’m a mutt. I’ve heard many different breed from an assortment of people. Mostly Pit, lab, boxer, great dane… also heard french mastiff (from a woman we met at the vets who bred them), vizsla, chihuahua (ok, well maybe that’s just from mom) and sharpi. I guess I’m just a regular old American Mutt! I’ve liked you on facebook for a while and just commented on your post :-) YAY!
    ps. hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!

  • avatar lindsay mihalcik says:

    I LOVE MUTTS! We have three plus one pittie charlotte. one brown lab/pointer mix, one pit’lab mix, one emma mix (seriously, we have no clue, other than she is a cutie pie).
    I love candles too. have you ever tried a paddywax candle? they are amazing. pricey but totally worth it and sometimes you can find them at TJ Maxx…..

  • avatar Betty says:

    I love mutts! Leche is part pit bull, part bunny rabbit (the way she hops around) and part polar bear (for the way she saunters around). My bf disagrees and just thinks she”s pit bull though we wonder if she has anything else in there.

  • avatar jen says:

    I love mutts!

    We think our Kiba is a beagle/husky mix, though we were told by the shelter he was a beagle/”shiba inuit” mix :)

    We love him all the same!

  • avatar Robin says:

    I Love Mutts! We are blessed with Charlie in our lives! He is an eight year old basset hound who has had my heart since the day we brought him home.

  • avatar Rachel says:

    I Love Mutts! My oldest girl Layla is four and a pittie mix, the middle child is Sam she is a three year old setter mix as best as we can tell, and Faith is a two year old pittie mix. They are all three sweethears and great with each other AND our kitties.

  • avatar Two Grads says:

    I LOVE MUTTS! We think Havi is a lab pit mix!

  • avatar amfriese says:

    I LOVE MUTTS! The best guess of our Molly girl’s breed is a mix between a pit bull and american bulldog, but who knows! We know we LOVE her and she is awesome :)