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Turk’s Takeover: What Ginger Wants for Christmas

December 5th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Ginger Rogers | Holly Jolly Christmas | Opt to Adopt | Turk's Takeover

Turk here! Mama is taking a “fin-ul” today, so I get to continue my oh-so-awesome takeover of her blog! Today I think I’ll tell you about how we’re teaching Ginger about Christmas…

Since Ginger didn’t have a family before she came to live with us, she doesn’t really know what Christmas is about. When I told her that a big man in a red suit comes down the chimney and gives us whatever presents we ask for, she thought I was telling her a funny joke. She laughed and laughed…

Once she was able to control herself, she sat and listened to Rufus tell her the story of Santa and his magical sleigh…she especially loved the part about how if we are really good all year and ask him really nicely, Santa will give us the presents that we’ve been hoping for!

Ginger was so excited about Santa that she begged Mama to take her to meet him. So on Saturday, she went to Petsmart to meet Santa so she could tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She even put on some reindeer antlers to get into the holiday spirit…

When she got home from Petsmart, Ginger told me all about meeting Santa Man! She said it was really overwhelming because lots of other doggies were waiting in line to meet him too, and there were so many delicious smells to smell that it was hard to stay focused on telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. Once she met him though, he was really nice and gave her some treats before taking a photo with her. I asked her what present she decided to ask for, and she whispered quietly to me: “a furever family.”

If you think that you could be Ginger’s furever family, please check out her Petfinder profile here! If you know someone who is looking for a sweet girl like Ginger, pass her info along! Help Ginger believe in Santa by granting her Christmas wish!



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