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Turk’s Takeover: Being a Foster Brother

December 1st, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Elderbulls | Fostering. | Ginger Rogers | Opt to Adopt | Turk's Takeover

Some of you mentioned you wanted to know how I feel about being a foster brother…well, I’ll let you in on a little secret…I don’t really like it all that much.

Now, I know that may come as a shock to you, but it’s true. My mama had promised me that she wasn’t going to bring any foster brothers or sisters home until we lived in a bigger house because our house is really only big enough for a Turkey, a Rufus, and a mama and daddy. But, one day while daddy was playing with me, my mama called him crying from the place-she-goes-that-smells-like-other-dogs (she calls it an “adoption event”) and told daddy that there was a sad elderbelle who needed a place to call home for awhile or she was going to die.

Daddy can’t say “no” to mama, so before I knew it, Rufus and I were at a nearby park doing an “introduction” with Ginger Rogers. I didn’t mind walking around the park with her, but taking her back to my house was a different story. During those first few days, she would sleep on MY bed….can you believe it?! MY BED! I don’t like sharing my bed so I would jump on her and throw a temper tantrum to let her know that I didn’t want her touching my stuff. Mama would get mad at me when I would throw a temper tantrum, but what else was I supposed to do?!

After awhile, Ginger learned to stay away from my stuff, and mama let me help to teach her new tricks (which means extra treats for me), but I still get mad sometimes and bite Ginger. Mama thinks it’s for no reason but I totally have my reasons…we get along for the most part though, and mama thinks I secretly have a crush on Ginger…but I DON’T! Yuck!

I was pretty happy when Ginger was adopted…I finally had the house back to myself…well, myself and Rufus! But then, before I knew it, Ginger was back in the house and she always forgets about staying away from MY stuff when she’s away for awhile. I’ve heard mama say that if Ginger can’t get adopted that she is just going to have to be adopted by us. I sure hope not! So I am trying to teach her all of my knowledge I’ve acquired since my days as a street dog so she’ll get adopted by her own furever family and leave MY stuff in peace! I even agreed to show her some of my best modeling moves…she doesn’t seem to get it though…sigh.

I know I may sound like a mean foster brother. I’m really not! It’s just hard to compete for cuddles, snuggles, and treats with an easygoing broad like Ginger. Mama is always making a big deal about how well she walks on a leash, what a good cuddler she is, and all the funny elderbelle behaviors she has. It’s pretty tough to compete with! They don’t seem to notice that she sleeps on MY bed and MY side of the couch…she even tried to take MY ottoman a couple times! But I guess while she’s here, I’ll do my best to make her feel welcome…if I have to…

Any of you other foster brothers (or sisters) feel the same way?

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  • avatar lindsay mihalcik says:

    Turk, I’m sure ginger appreciates you sharing your house and mommy and daddy with her while she looks for her forever home. As for our forever dogs, Daisy is aloof and pretends like the other foster dogs are not here. Colt loves to play and play and play so really loves the presence of another dog except for when I might be petting that other dog (the nerve of me!) and then he comes and sits on the foster dog so I will pet.

  • Don’t forget that Ginger steals all the blog-light too! Just kidding. You’re a super foster brother for sharing your bed, couch, ottoman, treats, snuggles & Rufus. I know it’s hard but you’re helping to save Ginger just like your mama. And let me tell you – just be glad she didn’t bring home puppies to foster. Those are the worst for stealing things!! My girls were very patient but they like to get a full night’s sleep and weren’t always happy about puppies waking them up all the time.

  • avatar Kate says:

    That’s very big of you Turk to try to be nice to Ginger while she’s there. I had no idea Ginger was so rude to lay around on your bed all the time! My dog, Heidi has found that if she just lays right on top of the dog that’s in her space they’ll eventually move… or at least they used to move. Now they just lay there too… maybe you could try that??

  • avatar Two Grads says:

    Hysterical!! I think you’re doing a great job of fostering Ginger!

  • Izzy has her foster sister moments…but at least we have no toy issues with Mia! She’s never been huge into sharing, but will happily go to the other corner of the couch if her side is occupied. As long as Izzy is done playing…

    Check out Mia & Izzy sharing:

  • avatar Kirsten says:

    Oh….thank you for sharing your struggles!

    I wondered if you guys had tensions between the kids too. Some more relaxed dogs may be just fine with sharing things with their foster siblings, but Lamar sure isn’t. I love having my foster pups and saving lives but every time I look at Lamar I feel so guilty, and promise him that when these kids go to their forever homes I really will stop fro a while! I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold to it.

    I love fostering bullies too but at least in my area, they can take a long time to get adopted! I may compromise in the future by just doing short-term fostering for highly adoptable dogs or temporary fostering for groups that just need a quick stopover home.

  • Oh Turk…I feel your pain. Mama brought home an 11 month old PUPPY, can you believe that?? She expects me to play nice but Kaylee is So. Annoying. She’s always wrasslin’ and biting on me and chewing on MY toys! When I tried to bite her to show her who’s boss around her, she actually bit me back and I’M the one who ended up with two staples in my leg in the Cone of Shame! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?! I sure hope that stupid Kaylee gets adopted, like, yesterday. ~ Oscar

  • I know that sometimes fostering can be hard on the other pooches, and it’s only after our foster is adopted that I sometimes realize how little time I’ve been spending with our other pooch. And is your name really Turkey? Kind of like how Chick is Chicken?

    • avatar Emily says:

      Yep….Turkey (Turk) Turkleton Hawkins is my name! My daddy wanted to call me Turk after a character from Scrubs, but mama said I was such a ‘fraidy cat about the stairs that I was more of a Turkey than a Turk….and it stuck! XOXO, Turkey

  • avatar Mayzie says:

    Turk. Ranger here. While Mayzie is apparently not a foster sister but rather, a permanent one (no matter how many people I try to adopt her out to), I can sympathize with your situation. When she first came to live with us, I thought she had just come for a visit. Then suddenly it dawned on me that she WASN’T LEAVING. Once I realized that, I set about letting her know what was mine (everything, including mother and dad) and what was hers (anything that wasn’t mine, which wasn’t a lot). Like your parents, mine did not see how this was constructive in building a positive relationship, no matter how many times I tried to explain that she would be happier knowing my rules.

    Through the years, I have come to appreciate some of her quirks and have learned to tolerate her happy-go-lucky attitude. However, there are times when the girl just gets on my last Rat Terrier nerve. I can’t help it and I make no apologies for it. Well, unless mother MAKES me apologize.

    I can offer no advice, only sympathy. Soldier on, Brother Turk. Soldier on.


  • The dogs in our house would have meaner things to say about Charlie Machete, who came to us with poor dog social skills. He is better now but he still monopolizes our attention by insistent snuggling, occasional naughtiness and generally just being too gorgeous to ignore.