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Turk’s Takeover: How My Mom and Dad Found Me.

November 30th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Opt to Adopt | Turk's Takeover

I’d love to tell you all my story. Just sit right there and I’ll tell you all how I came to sit on my throne as the prince of Waldo Bungie! Mama told my story from her perspective awhile back, but she left out some pretty important stuff…

You see Mama decided that Rufus was lonely. Rufus still tells me that he was perfectly happy being the only dog in the house, but I think he’s just trying to act tough. I know he’d miss me if I weren’t here. So, after months and months of Mama convincing Rufus and Dad that they needed another dog, they went to a local shelter to see if anybody would be a good fit.

Rufus says I make a good couch.

I was taken to a shelter called Wayside Waifs when I was 6 months old after I was found with my sister roaming the streets of Raytown, MO. My sister was adopted right away, but I had been waiting for awhile for my furever family. I still attribute my longer stay to the fact that the shelter called me “John Boy.” I don’t look like a John Boy – I look like a Turkey – duh!

Is this the face of a "John Boy?"

Anyways, I pretty much had that place on lock-down. The ladies at the shelter brought me breakfast in bed everyday and I even started a small bone smuggling ring poker group. Anyway, here I am minding my own business when these two pretty cool people came strolling by my crib. I invited them in and they sat down and we had a few hors d’oeuvres (a good host is always prepared) and I let them play with my ball (a good host is always polite). I overheard them talking to one of my ladies about how they wanted a nice small-to-medium sized dog, so I told her to tell them I was part Corgi and wouldn’t get much bigger than the 15 pounds I was…and they believed it! Ha Ha Ha Ha… give me a minute – that one still cracks me up!

Half Corgi - ALL TURKEY!

Sometimes humans don’t pay attention to the details of certain situations. I tried to let them know I had a urinary tract infection, I mean, why else would I pee right in the middle of playing with my potential new parents? But apparently they didn’t get my OBVIOUS clues. Come to think of it, it took them a couple of weeks to figure that out! I pee’d on the carpet sooo many times before they figured it out…and they thought it was my fault! The nerve.

On the way home from the shelter after getting neutered.

Sorry, I got sidetracked…back to the story. Obviously, once they saw me they knew I was the right dog for them. They took me home that day and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I have my own special chair and my own doggy bed. I get to sleep on the ottoman in my parent’s room. I let Rufus think he’s in charge. I even have my parents trained to let me out when I need to go to the bathroom, want to chase the squirrels, or even just when the mood hits me. They do pretty much whatever I want. All in all, life’s pretty good.

I let mama dress me up sometimes in exchange for treats.

I haven’t told my parents too much about what happened to me in those 6 months I was on the streets, but Mama is quite the sleuth, and she did a pretty good job of piecing together my past. You see, I don’t like going on stairs (she used to have to carry me up and down the stairs for the first few months we lived in a second floor apartment), I don’t like sewer grates, and there is a piece of my rib missing. So mama figures that I was pushed (or thrown or fell) down a flight of stairs and that I lived in the sewer for a while before I got rescued… I’ll never tell her if she’s right or not…personally, I don’t like to think about my past, I’d rather focus on my life now with fun games with my Daddy, long walks with Mama, warm sweaters from my grandma, and lots of cuddly snuggles from everyone who meets me. Life is good.

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  • avatar Two Grads says:

    I loved this story Turk!!! Sounds like you have a great life and found the perfect family!

  • This melted my heart, and reminded me so much about how we acquired our little hot mess of a rescue, Bobo. We had our Rufus…well actually she is Apple, but I am pretty sure she is a similar mix as Rufus…and she wanted nothing to do with her new Bobo brother. Bobo was also found wandering the mean streets of St. Paul, MN (we use those exact words funny enough)….and Bobo too had a bit of a bladder problem (still does, minus a UTI) but he was (still is) quite the charmer, and has charmed his way right into our hearts. Forever and ever. The end. 😉 Thanks for sharing your story, Turk.

  • Thanks for sharing Turk! No offense, but you’re as much a “Corgi” as my Oscar is a “Beagle”! LOL those silly shelters.

  • avatar anita says:

    Oh turkey aren’t you the luckiest boy! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are a very handsome pup!

  • avatar Kate says:

    What a great story! I loved hearing about how you became part of the family, Turk! That was a good one telling them you were part Corgi too, you trickster 😉

  • John Boy? Really? Obviously you were then and always are a Turkey! Thanks for sharing your story. We are glad you found such a great family. FYI – we don’t like sewers either. Dark, smelly, rat-infested tunnels those are.

  • avatar Aleksandra says:

    Very pleased to hear your side of the story, Turkey! And, Chick is glad to share the blogosphere with another poultrey-named dog :)

  • What a sweet story! Turk, your family is lucky to have such a great and handsome member of the pack!

  • avatar Kristine says:

    Turk, you are adorable! I see why they had to scoop you up and take you home. The name is equally cute, much better than John Boy. Was the shelter running out of ideas? 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  • love it! hate to think of such a little turkey living in the sewer though!

  • avatar Emily says:

    Thanks for all of your nice words, everyone! I’ll be sure to let my mama and daddy know what you said! XOXO, Turk

  • avatar Mayzie says:

    That was a great story abouts how you found your family. You sure did pick out a good one. And you were Most Clever telling them you were part-Corgi. Teehee!

    When I first got adopted, I was skeered to go up and down our stairs, too. AND my mom and dad had to carry me up and down them, too. (Which was KER-azy!) But I’m pretty sure it’s cuz I’d lived outside all my life and didn’t even know what stairs were. Now I think they’re super fun to ZOOM up and down!

    You’re doing a real good job helping your mom out with the blog, Turk!

    Wiggles & Wags,