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I need a nap.

August 19th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Ginger Rogers | Goal Setting

So, the crate training stopped last night…there was a terrible thunderstorm and Ginger was a complete mess while she was in the crate. Once I gave in and let her out to sleep on the couch, she slept like a baby in her Thunder Shirt. Ginger doesn’t have an issue with chewing or anything so this is going to be her sleeping arrangement from now on…

As they say, we gave it the old college try and crating Ginger at night just didn’t work. She worked herself into a panic no matter what we tried (Thunder Shirt, crating in our bedroom, giving her high value treats, etc). She seems to do okay during the daytime so we’ll continue to crate her then but we’re putting the kibosh on the crate at night.

I feel like a failure but I’m so sleep deprived that honestly, I don’t even care.

We’ll continue to try out the Thunder Shirt to see if it works in other high stress situations but it doesn’t seem to work for night crating. I’ll keep you updated…

In other news, this is the first week I’ve blogged every day! This was one of my goals so I am super excited to have completed it!

Have a wonderful weekend and wish Miss Ginger luck as she heads to another adoption event on Saturday – she’s going to wear a tutu this time so we’re hoping that gets her some attention (sometimes it’s tough to get any attention when there are puppies EVERYWHERE)!


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  • avatar Aleksandra says:

    Sounds like you did your best. You can keep working on her positive associations with the crate while letting her sleep out at night. Once our fosters and Chick are comfortable with each other, we phase out nighttime crating too. I don’t really think it’s necessary and the dogs seem to really love being near us in the “den” while they sleep.

  • avatar Daniel says:

    And the fact that she wasn’t barking/whining all night was probably a real testament to the power of the Thunder Shirt because that storm last night was Ca-razy!

  • avatar Janeen says:

    I am eagerly looking forward to your thunder shirt review. My 3 yr old pit bull female never used to mind the storms her first year of life. Then suddenly last summer she paces, pants, hides in this little nook by the dryer where she never went before and goes to for any other reason. Please keep us posted. thank you

  • Oh, those puppies – such tough competition. Me? I much prefer adult dogs. In fact, the idea of owning a puppy sounds awful, haha. Good luck, Ginger!

  • I was so terrified of crate training when we first adopted our pit. We have cats so it was very important to me that they felt like they could still sleep in our bed and that there won’t be any mishaps in the middle of the night. At first she didn’t mind it but I could tell she was anxious when we closed the door she would paw at the crate and she even escaped a few times!

    I then rearranged all our bedroom furniture around and put the crate in the corner near a window and then put a tall dresser next to it. (Our bed is close enough to be able to open the crate without getting out of bed). I then put a blanket over the top so that only one side was exposed. If it was the proximity to us or the fact that it felt like a cozy safe den I didn’t care, all the anxiety all went away.

    Now, 3 years later, she prefers to sleep in there but we leave the door open.

    P.S. My pitty was 5 when we brought her home. Older dogs rock! Don’t forget to remind Ginger that there are lots of loving homes that would want her and she will find one!

  • avatar Corbin says:

    We had a foster dog that would freak out in the crate at night… she eventually settled down in a crate in our bedroom, but that screwed up Corbin’s sleeping arrangements, and he found himself nice and comfy on our bed most nights. We lived with the adjustment until she got adopted, but it’s difficult when a foster doesn’t fit into your foster arrangements!
    -Corbin’s mom, Jenn
    ps. I picked up the thundershirt for Corbin -he barks nonstop at the thunder. We LOVE it. I plan on using it this weekend for a foster with car anxieties.

  • Like Aleksandra, we did let the fosters sleep with the other dogs at night, so if she’s ok in the day that sounds good. Good luck to Ginger at the event. I feel like it’s college again where the girls going to the bar need to wear something bright and/or strange to stand out. Anything that will get Ginger attention!

  • I have also had fosters that really didn’t do well in a crate, but were fine alone in a room. I’m also a cuddle addict, so I was always inclined to luring those sweet pitties into my bed. 😀 Tell Ginger to rock that tutu this weekend- no one will think twice about those puppies!