One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie


August 18th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies!

Wednesday evening was Bathies Night for Ginger, Rufus and Turk. Ginger tolerates her bathies, Rufus fights at first but ultimately gives in, but Turk… the only time Turk has ever given me death eyes were for two reasons: (1) when I brought Ginger home the first time and (2) when it is bathies time.

I try to make bathies fun for him – I give him super good back scratches (or scratchies – yes, I add “ies” to almost everything when speaking with my dogs) and I give him extra treats after. But even after all that, Turk still acts like a brat.

Oh well, I don’t mind his attitude when he leave his bathies smelling like rosemary and mint! How does your dog handle bathies?

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  • avatar Kate says:

    All of our dogs hate baths. HATE. I think they just hate getting wet. When we’re done they shake and run all over the place trying to get away from the wetness. Unfortunately for them, they’re sort of attached to their wet fur 😉

  • Havi kind of just gives in, but I dont think any pup loves em!

  • When I first got Miss M, bath nights were like WWF and I would have to literally pick her up (and I’m quite small), toss her in, and tackle her. I also had to wear a bathing suit. And when she made the getaway, it would all start over again. Now I just leave it up to Petsmart.

    • avatar Emily says:

      Two Pitties – that is so funny! It’s not WWF at our house but I do get lots of scowls when they hear the faucet running in the bathroom. And I always have to change after we’re done because I get soaking wet!

  • avatar Aleksandra says:

    it has varied a lot from dog to dog. i have been bathing the dogs outside for months now so i don’t know how stevie-girl will do in the bathtub. i guess i’ll find out tonight, because bath time is on my agenda!

  • Oh, bathies at our house is a two man job. I can’t lift my 85lbs bundle of love into the tub so I the give baths and my hubby lifts her, with a little leg wrangling from me, in the tub. Our Bella is silly enough to run over to our excited calls but as soon as she sees mommy and daddy both in the bathroom, she knows what’s up. When she finally figures out there is no escape she kinda goes all dead body on us and then when she is up in the air she spreads her paws out to catch the wall and the shower door. After a few attempts and some struggling we both manage to finally get her in and we have to act fast to slide the door shut.

    She HATES water and so this is the only time she is ever really upset at me. When I spray her down she just stands there stiff as a board and gurgles this low growl that is coming strait from the bottom of her soul and of course I too get the “death stare”. I try to keep it light making up silly songs about washing her paws and telling her how much she is being a good girl but there is no way of making her feel better. Not even when I rub her down with a nice dry towel. Nope, she keeps that little sourpuss until we take her outside so she can rub her nice clean self around on the grass and get all good and dirty again.

  • avatar Corbin says:

    Baths are the devil.
    ps. funny we blog about baths on the same day!

  • My Rufus tolerates it, but he’s not thrilled about it. Treats and cuddles afterwards make it seem like a “trick”, so he gets super excited as soon as we’re done, and runs to the treat cabinet haha.

    • avatar Emily says:

      Corbin – Yes! I smiled when I saw we were on the same page with our blog topics today!

      Vanessa & Rufus – Our Rufus goes tearing through the house and hides under our bed until the following morning on bathies nights. I would give him treats if he just came out…he’s not food motivated at all though and most of the time just can’t be bothered with us! :)

      Tanaya – I’m glad you can feel my pain on the ‘death stares.’ It’s not fun to be on the receiving end of them!

      Alex – Let Stevie know that Turk feels her pain on the bathies tonight – although she seems to enjoy the water much more than Turkey does!

  • avatar mcgeeandme says:

    Unless McGee rolls in something super stinky, I leave the bathing up to PetSmart. I’ve given him a bath maybe 3 or 4 times ever and it is awful for both of us. Getting him in the bathroom is no problem but getting him in the tub is a whole different story. After the first time I have always worn my swim suit because I am soaked by the time I am done. I have to get in the tub with him or he tries to escape. Once he is in the tub and wet, he just goes limp and it is impossible to flip him over so I can really only wash one side well. Also the bathroom is disgusting by the time it’s over because his hair is so long and he sheds so much! I’m not sure how but the walls are always covered with dog hair when it’s over. The worst part is McGee won’t even look at me for at least a day afterwards. He is usually such a cuddler that it makes me so sad when he won’t even be in the same room as me! Anyway, PetSmart does a great job and is fairly inexpensive, so we’re there about once a month now.