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Ginger Rogers: First Date Fail

August 16th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Ginger Rogers

I told Ginger I was going to tell the story of her first date with potential adopters for today’s post…this was her reaction:

“Hey foster mama! You can’t tell people about my dates that DON’T work out!” I assured her that you have to kiss a lot of humans before you find your One, so she didn’t need to be embarrassed about striking out with her first date. After some trepidation, she put on her new favorite sweater from her foster grandma and reluctantly allowed for me to tell her first date story…

Last Wednesday was Ginger’s first date with potential adopters. Daniel and I tried to squeeze in some quality cuddle time with Ginger before the date, just in case it was love at first sight and she went home with them.

I also had a heart-to-heart with Ginger, reminding her to be kind and gracious to her date, share her treats and toys, etc.

After reassuring me that she knew how to act on a date, I just smothered her with hugs and kisses, just in case they would be my last…

Yes, I am the crazy, emotional foster mama and Ginger, as you can see, humored me but was totally annoyed by how clingy I was being. She was focused on her first date!

Ginger’s first date was with Miss Chris, her husband and their adorable 5 year old pittie Okie. Chris and her husband rescued Okie when he was just a puppy when they found him abandoned in a parking lot in Oklahoma. What an awesome couple, right?? Chris immediately fell in love with Ginger (how could you not?!?) but unfortunately, Okie was just a bit too excited/anxiety-ridden for Ginger to become his new sister right now. We were really bummed because Chris and her husband were so sweet and Okie was so well-behaved with the exception of his anxiety with Ginger. I offered to meet up with them to work on socializing Okie – not sure if they will take me up on it but I hope they do. They are totally the kind of people I want to adopt Ginger.

Even though this first date didn’t end with Ginger finding her One, it did give me hope that we’ll find the right people for her soon. If there are more people like Chris and her husband out there, then Ginger shouldn’t be too far away from finding her One. Besides, with a face like this, she can’t stay single for long…



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  • avatar Aleksandra says:

    Oh, poor Ginger. She’ll find her Ones yet! Lollie Wonderdog struck gold with family 4; for Gonzo Bunny-Ears it took 13 applications to find his perfect home. And Stevie Wonder? Time will tell :)

  • Keep your head up, Ginger! There are plenty of fish in the sea. Just a warning to your foster humans – all but one of my fosters got adopted by their first potential adopters. The one that didn’t? Well, he’s ours now, haha.

    But seriously, it can be so nerve-wracking to be a foster parent and show off the work you’ve accomplished with these pooches, but I just know her forever home will come soon!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Vanessa and Rufus – honestly, I still think that Chris and her husband may be Ginger’s Ones. Their dog just needed a little bit of work on socialization and I think they would be a perfect match – I really do hope they take me up on my offer to work with Okie, but you never know. They were wonderful people, so I know that they are going to make the decision that’s best for Okie – I could just tell they loved him so much! As far as us keeping her, I promised Daniel that wouldn’t happen! :) We are pretty set on continuing to foster pitties and if we foster failed with Ginger, it would put an end to our fostering days. With that in mind, I am going to press forward and keep looking!!! Thanks for your kind wishes!

  • avatar Miranda says:

    Poor Ginger! But, I’m sure her gorgeous sweater from her foster grandma will turn a few heads!

  • avatar Kate says:

    Aw, poor Ginger. Everyone has a few bad first dates though, no shame in that!

    I love all the snuggle pics of you two with Ginger. You’re really doing a great job with her and I know you’ll find her her perfect forever home!

  • We know it’s so important to find the right family, so let’s hope for more dates! When we were looking for our second dog, it was completely up to Miss M because we wanted to find someone she was compatible with. We met a couple of dogs. The one Miss M was most interested in was an overweight beagle (though completely adorable). It’s funny how dog chemistry works.

  • Good luck Ginger, some one will love you and theyll be the One!

  • Don’t worry Ginger, there are plenty of fish in the sea! Maybe Oakie needs a few more dates before he’s ready to move in together. You seem like an old fashioned gal, perhaps he’s just trying to be a gentleman! If not, that is one more family that can spread the word about a fabulous pittie that is up for adoption. Maybe they’ll set you up for your next date!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Pit Bulls and Patience, you’re right! Ginger is an old fashioned lady! We’re trying to view this first date as a positive – some good practice for her! To everyone, thanks so much for the well wishes! We know Ginger’s One is out there somewhere!