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IKEA makes everything better!

March 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Green Thumbs | IKEA Love | Spring Flowers

I know that boxwoods are evergreens and azaleas are perennials, but yesterday I noticed that ours looked like this:

Sadface.html!! Apparently keeping plants alive through the winter months is not a life skill I’ve acquired.

Luckily, I just happened to be in Chicago last weekend and I just happened to buy every single item I laid eyes on a couple things at IKEA, most importantly the kardemumma pots.These pots make me so happy in my soul!

So with these:

and a little of this:

My porch now looks like this:

Look how happy my little gnome is! So much better, right?!

I also divided my peace lily and put the larger portion in another kardemumma pot:

Because I am an equal opportunity plant lover, I also bought some fejka artificial plants:

I love the bright green pops of color! Oh, and last but not least…

Those are courtesy of the checkout lane at Hy-Vee

Oh, IKEA…how I love you! I got a couple other things – but that’s for another post…


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  • I know we’re super-lucky to live right near Ikea, and we were just there the other weekend. I love going through their garden section, and of course checking out the floor pillows. We just picked up another one for the pooches hoping for nicer weather so they can use it on the deck.

    • avatar Emily says:

      I can’t wait to see the ones you got for the dogs – are you going to do a post about them? I have been thinking about getting some floor pillows for mine.

      And yes, you are lucky to have TWO IKEAS! I just wish KC would have one…

  • avatar Kate B says:

    Okay WHERE did you get the gnomes?! (My boyfriend has a thing for lawn gnomes. I’m going to get him one as kind of a joke for every Christmas/birthday)
    And where did you get the fabulous bar above your sink that holds everything? Keeping around the sink clean is the bane of my existance and that would SO help.

    • avatar Emily says:

      We got the garden gnomes at Target on clearance last year in their garden section. They pretty much have them every year so you should definitely take a look there! We got the bar from IKEA awhile back and LOVE it – I posted about it awhile back (look under the tag “IKEA Love” because I can’t link it here for some reason)! It really does help to keep everything organized and off the counter tops! If you can afford it, a trip to IKEA is a MUST when you buy a house because they have so many amazing items for super cheap. We have an item in almost every room in our house from IKEA. Best. Store. EVER!

  • avatar Kate B says:

    I will check it out! Thanks!
    I wish IKEA sold their small stuff online…

    In other news… we found out that we close on the house this coming Wednesday! *insert crazy hilarious happy dance here*