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Preserving Memories.

March 4th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Bungie Traditions | Living Room | S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y.

Daniel and I live in a 950 sq. foot house…that doesn’t leave us a lot of room to display knickknacks we’ve collected on vacations or other memory-type items, so I decided to put together a “memory vase” for a simple way to display our memories.

I got my inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.

We keep several different types of “memories” in this vase…

Starting with our first anniversary trip to California, Daniel and I borrowed a tradition from Young House Love of mailing postcards to ourselves from our vacation destinations.

We write about our favorite vacation activities or, in the case of our trip to Carmel, directions to Nielsen’s Market. Nielsen’s has the BEST sandwiches and I wanted to introduce Daniel (and Andrew and Cori – our friends who traveled to California with us) to it. Unfortunately, my childhood memories of the market did not include the name of the market or how to get there, so we spent a lot of time looking for it. We heard different directions on how to get there from every person we asked but once we finally found it, we bought a postcard and wrote the directions down so we wouldn’t forget. Now we’ll never have to get directions from anyone again!

We also keep stubs from the various concerts, sporting events, musicals and plays we’ve attended…

So that’s a simple way we keep the memories alive…

What are ways that you display your memories?

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11 Responses

  • Emily! I LOOOOVE this idea and I’m TOTALLY snagging it! I have an evelope FULL of movie tickets, post cards, all kinds of stuff from vacations, shows etc and I just don’t know what to do with them! Thanks for the idea!! =) and I LOVE Young House Love! =)

  • avatar Cori says:

    It was worth the time wandering around for those Nielsen sandwiches! Remember the coffee shop and how angry you (we) were at the one worker?

  • avatar mcgeeandme says:

    Oh, I am stealing this idea too! I have all of my old ticket stubs shoved in a shoe box in a closet! Great idea for displaying them!

  • avatar Aleksandra says:

    sending yourselves a post card is such a great idea! we never do that, but we’re going to start on our next trip. thanks for the suggestion!

    • avatar Daniel says:

      It really is a super fun way to remember a vacation – especially the little inside jokes or random events that in 5-10 years you probably would have forgotten if you didn’t have it written down!

  • avatar Kate says:

    I found your blog through YHL (which I LOVE) but I’m super excited about yours because I’ll know the places you talk about- I’m on the Kansas side of the metro area :]

  • avatar Kate says:

    My boyfriend and I are going to closing on our first casa so bring on those DIY stores!
    I’m super excited to go to Habitiat’s REstore…

    • avatar Emily says:

      Oh fun! What area of town are you buying? The Habitat Restore by us in Waldo (off 79th & Wornall) is really nice and seems less picked over than the one in old Overland Park, so I would definitely take a trip out this direction….Daniel likes to go every week because the supply changes so often. I am not so dedicated! Good luck with the closing on your house – that’s the point where I got my first grey hairs! So stressful! :)

  • avatar Kate says:

    We’re actually in Leavenworth (north of KC). We are wanting to go to the REstore in Lawrence and one of the KC locations, too.
    I’m going crazy right now, we already gave notice on our apartment so we’re keeping fingers crossed we close on time!