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Emily & Daniel’s Succulent Adventure at Family Tree Nursery

February 26th, 2011 | Posted by Emily in Green Thumbs | KC Neighborhood Gems | Spring Flowers

Daniel and I love Family Tree Nursery.

What’s not to love? It’s a locally owned nursery in Overland Park that has just about any plant you could want. Plus, the employees are so nice and totally know their stuff when it comes to plants and plant care. They are our go-to place when we need plants. We already loved them and didn’t think our love could grow at all…until I got this in my e-mail a few days ago:

I immediately sent a text to Deanna about it and we planned to go together on Saturday. Unfortunately, she got sick so I dragged Daniel to it instead. He took photos while I got a lesson in arranging a succulent garden from this guy:

Since they said you could bring your own pot, I decided to use the elephant pot I got awhile back in Oklahoma City.

Isn’t my face intense?! Daniel calls it “Lefler TV face” because that’s the look everyone in my family gets when we watch TV…but I digress. More photos? Yes, please. We had a ton of succulent options for our garden, as you can see:

That last one is called “Living Stone” but Daniel and I agreed it looks like a brain. If a zombie were in the nursery, it would definitely mistake it for a snack. Anyways…

After much hemming…

and hawing…

I was finally satisfied with my garden:

I also made one for Deanna since she couldn’t make it:

I had so much fun at this workshop! The guy who helped me was very friendly and knew a lot about design elements and how to make mine look the best it could possibly be!

So, if you live in the Kansas City area and this sounds fun to you, you’re in luck! They are doing another succulent workshop and fairy garden workshop during their open house in March! If you are interested, start following their blog or sign up for their e-mail updates.

Here’s a couple shots of our garden at home in its new spot:

Have you participated in any workshops lately? I think Daniel and I might start doing this more often (although I was definitely the youngest participant by 20 years)!

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6 Responses

  • avatar Mom says:

    Hey… how about a succulent garden for your mother on Mother’s day? I would love one.
    Nice boots too… I could have used them this last week-end. I too am sick of the snow especially since that beautiful blue Nebraska sky has not been much around this winter.
    I love what Daniel has done with your dining room set…. he is a keeper that boy… I love him :)
    I love you too babe. Keep up the good work. Your house looks fantastic. Mom

  • avatar Sickel says:

    Fairy garden workshop? Do they provide the fairies? Do you dress like a fairy? How does that work?

    • avatar Emily says:

      No, they don’t supplies fairies per se, but small items that a fairy might appreciate in their garden….like a tiny mower, perhaps? Or tiny gardening shears? As I mentioned, I did the succulent workshop so I am not sure what that fairy business was all about! :)

  • That looks like so much fun. That place looks a lot like our wedding venue, and I’m pretty sure they offer classes too. I should get on that! Now I’m hungry for brainzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • avatar Daniel says:

      Family Tree would be great for a wedding venue – I wonder if they’ve ever done that? I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures so I can see the venue (and your dress – which I am sure will be gorgeous!) When is it?