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Who was I kidding?

December 23rd, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Excuses | Holly Jolly Christmas | Trader Joe's

A Christmas letter? Really, Emily? You thought that after writing paper after paper this semester that you would have any inkling at all to write a CHRISTMAS letter?!

Um, yeah. That didn’t happen. And it’s Dec. 23rd. So let’s just toss that out the window shall we?

Now, why don’t I try being realistic. What will actually happen over our Christmas holiday?

1. Daniel & I will become masters of Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii. It was a Christmas/Birthday present for Daniel from his parents and we are just a little bit obsessed. We may or may not have stayed up until 1 a.m. playing yesterday.

2. We will teach Turk some new tricks. Our inspiration? This.

3. I will read books I want to read (a.k.a. savor my free time until next semester). My list includes this, this, and this.

4. We will hang out with family and friends.

5. We will go to Trader Joe’s (Lincoln just got one – how they got it before Kansas City is beyond me but I’ll surely take advantage when we go to visit my family)

That’s the extent of our plans. I know. We’re not very ambitious. Maybe Daniel will get a chance to do some projects around the house with some of his Christmas presents – that is, if Santa brought him tools … we shall see. What are YOU doing for Christmas? Hopefully your is filled with much love and laughter. I know ours will be.


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3 Responses

  • We’re glad Miss M can be so inspiring; keep us updated on any new tricks! At least you have a good list of aspirations, I have been feeling quite lazy during our break, though I’m due for a good Trader Joe’s run. I can’t believe there isn’t one in KC…

    • avatar Emily says:

      KC is getting 2 Trader Joe’s in 2011 but it still baffles me how Lincoln, NE got one first. As far as the tricks, Turk is already pretty close to getting “finish.” He kinda did that on his own already – now we just have a word to associate with it. We want him to learn “take a bow.” It’s funny because he totally does the “play dead” one that you guys do but he’ll only do it on rugs or carpet. He won’t do it on our wood floors. So strange! We’ll keep you updated on his progress… :)

    • avatar Emily says:

      We’ll have a Trader Joe’s in late 2011…..I can’t wait!