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Voting and a Long Term Goal List

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Goal Setting

Daniel & I got up early and voted this morning. I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18 and think it’s extremely important to participate! As they say, you can’t complain about what’s going on in government if you aren’t a registered voter who actually VOTES!

But enough of that – I want to make a long-term goals list… a la Kate at Twenty-Six to Life.

So far, I can only think of a few…

1. Be a foster dog parent for a local shelter (this will require a bit more training of my two current dogs, as they can be a bit bossy and grumpy – I need to make sure fostering would be a blessing to a rescue pup and not a curse!)

2. Quit drinking pop once and for all. I’ve done this several times for a few weeks but always go back. I’d like to kick the habit for good since I don’t like the idea of being so dependent on it.

3. Get a Master’s Degree (well, I’m in grad school now so I am well on my way)

4. Join a community choir (I’ve been wanting to do this since I haven’t participated in any choir since college and miss it terribly)

5. Visit NYC (I’ve never been and have several friends that live there)

6. Pay off our last debts (we’re well on our way for this…but I figured I should still have it on the list)

Any other suggestions? I’m open to just about anything!

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  • Hang out more with my Bestie, Deanna.

  • avatar Sickel says:

    How about some more world traveling? Maybe checking off a few more wonders of the world (since you already can check out the Colossus of Rhodes and the Temple of Artemis). I always thought the pyramids would be a cool one to check out.

    Then there are the reading challenges – you could find a top 100 list and read your way through some classics. I’m sure you’ve read a bunch already.

    Ooooh! Writing a book! Emily Anne, you must write a book. I would read it, as would many other snarky individuals with whom we are both acquainted.

    Maybe a kidlet would be on the long term goals, though I don’t know if that’s an exotic enough one. :)

    I’m sure I can come up with plenty of other things that you should do given enough time. :)

    Love you!

    • avatar Emily says:

      World traveling is definitely on my list….Daniel and I talked about bumming around Europe for awhile after I’m done with my Masters….that should make up for the 6 year gap between trips…..I am counting down the days!

  • avatar Kate says:

    Hm, making the list is always the hardest part! I really like all the books I’ve been reading to meet my goal. I wasn’t reading much before, but now I really love it.

    One thing that I’ve tried to do with my list is to add things that give me that “feel good” feeling. They’re things that I feel good about because I’ve always want to try them (like sewing), or because I’m doing something nice for someone else (like volunteering), or because because they make me feel more secure (like paying off the cars). I figure at the end I’ll at least like my accomplishments! You can also google around for other people’s lists to get ideas too.

    I also really love that you want to foster a dog :) I think that’s so great. And even if your pups can’t handle another dog in the house all the time, rescues and shelters always need volunteers!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Well, Kate…like I said, I decided to start a list because of yours….so many of your ideas are things that I thought, “Hey! I want to do that too!” Like becoming a member of NPR, fostering a dog, paying off debt, etc. So if you notice a lot of overlap whenever I get my list up, you’ll know why…but don’t worry, I’ll give you proper credit!