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Reap what you Sow

July 10th, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Green Thumbs

Picked the first ripe tomato this week. Our Roma and Grape Tomato plants have both grown so large we had to cut them back so that they could focus on growing fruit, not growing leaves.

So far the Roma has only grown one tomato which we ate for dinner. The Grape plant has about 30 tomatoes on it, but we’ve only picked two ripe ones so far.

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  • avatar Mommy says:

    Hi babes… have you thought of spraying pepper where the squirrels are coming? It will make you and them sneeze but at least you will smell good.:) You could try the “Caddy Shack” way but it is a little drastic… (could not help this one, I think my jet lag is coming to my head.) Anyway, love your Bungie stories… you should make a book. It remind me about the Seinfeld series… you get hooked! It is refreshing, well written and put a smile on your face when you read it. I know I am your mom… but honestly Emily, you are talented and I would tell you if it was bad. Keep writing! I love you. Mom