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Bad blogger (for shame!)

June 17th, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Stuff I Love

So, life has been crazy lately! I have been out of town for one reason or another almost every weekend since the beginning of May. I am babysitting my mom’s dogs while they are in France for 6 weeks – so we have 4 dogs right now (I will do a post about it soon, I promise!). Plus, both Daniel & I have been sick. Life is a mess as of late. I don’t know up from down. But one thing that makes me feel like I am not alone in feeling this way is the blog Hyperbole and a Half.

So, since I haven’t done a post in awhile, I am going to be lazy and post a link to her blog post from today. It basically speaks to exactly how I am. I laughed so hard I cried. Enjoy.

This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult

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  • avatar Emily says:

    You know that laugh you’re trying to repress, that is only bigger because you’re trying to repress it, and then you start crying in an attempt to make it stop and have to squeeze your legs together so you don’t pee yourself a little? That’s what this post caused. It explains so much! And my burden of guilt is slightly lessened by the fact that I’m not alone in this vicious cycle of trying to be an adult…and mostly failing. :) Thanks so much for posting it! It was the perfect way to start my weekend, which will coincidentally include trying to grocery shop, pay bills, run to the bank (before they close on Saturday), and the like.