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Front Porch

May 5th, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Home Improvement | Spring Flowers

We painted our front porch right when we first moved in… a la Young House Love.

Well, throughout the winter, the pretty multi-colored planks got chipped and stripped and were not looking so hot. So, Daniel re-painted it (which I had a picture of but it somehow disappeared) and we did a little sprucing, if you will, of the porch.

Azaleas! These had to go in front since they are toxic to doggies.

Frog - so everyone who enters knows I'm French.

I am thinking about getting a brightly colored rug and painting these pots to add a bit more color to the porch. I had planned for the azaleas to add some punches of color, but the petals all fell off not too long after I took this picture. Any ideas for ways I can add color?

Any ideas for how I can deal with the recycling bins? I am at a loss as to what I can do to minimize these eyesores.

Now the yard is a mess, too. Weeds, a big hole from where we moved a bush from the front to the back yard, and it’s overcrowded with too many trees. What to do? What to do? So much work to do this summer…

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6 Responses

  • Man, that would suck if you had to repaint the porch every spring! Did you put water seal over the top?
    I think painting the pots, and getting a colorful rug would be perfect. You could also get some metal wall art from Hobby Lobby or Michaels and spray it a color for either side of your door.

    • avatar Emily says:

      We did not seal it last summer – one of the mistakes of a new home owner. Actually, we still haven’t sealed it this spring. We’re a little lazy, I guess. That’s on my list though because it is a PAIN to do those alternating colors! I’ll have to post some pictures after I get a new rug.. I am thinking I might have to do away with those azaleas and try something else – like something that will last a little longer than a week!

  • Your porch is so cute! I just love those stripes!!

    Maybe you can find a large basket to store the blue recycling bins in?

  • avatar micah says:

    I’d paint the front door a bright color – yellow, perhaps? :)

    Love the stripes on your porch!

  • I love the painted porch! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Please borrow the fence post planter idea – I’d love to see how it looks w/ your porch!

  • avatar Katrina says:

    Looks like were both ‘Porch Planning’!!

    Your porch is so darling, I like the rails alot! I’d likely put the bins in a lattic box with a hinge top on it? That would hinde them – or can they go elsewhere? I agree with Micah a red door would look charming!

    I’d paint the pots yellow (if you leave the door white) and maybe pait your mail box, of stencel ‘Mail’ on it, that would look charming :)