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Paint the town….brown.

March 4th, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Stuff I Love | Thrifty Revamps

So, we have this bedside drawer/table. I got it from Joanna’s grandparents house after her grandma died – they had an estate sale and let Jo’s friends come through afterwards and take whatever else we wanted.

I got this amazing lamp…it was an ugly orange and I spray painted and added a new shade and voila!

I also got an old school Oreck vacuum and a handful of books, including these…..

How awesome is "Enjoy Your Houseplants????"

I have one more that I can’t find but the title is “Slick Willie: Why Bill Clinton was the Worst President in our History.” I don’t agree with that notion but thought the title was hilarious. So I took it.

So anyways, back to the bedside table/drawer.

I loved the look of it from the moment I saw it. Very Danish. I loved loved loved it. But it was a little dingy, banged up, and whatnot. Needed some love, if you will. So…one afternoon, Daniel & I went to Home Depot, argued discussed paint colors and went with a pretty deep chocolate-y brown from Behr. Behr has such great colors – can I get an Amen?

We are still working on remembering to take before and during pictures. Why are we so freaking bad at that? I think we forget we have a blog sometimes. We are so not as good as Young House Love or Thrifty Little Blog or The Yellow Front Door…..alas….but I am working on it. So anyways, this is what I remembered to take pictures of….

We first attempted to stain it, but the stain just soaked right through.

Yes, we paint in the kitchen.

New handles, added paint. Looks fab.

So, what do you think of our project? Have you found anything amazing at a garage sale, estate sale, or your friend’s grandma’s house? Do tell!

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5 Responses

  • avatar Kate says:

    I wish, but I am so not that creative or good at seeing potential in such items. You must teach me your ways.

  • I spent this weekend trying to makeover a set of table and chairs I found on Craigslist… wow, what a project! About 11 hours later and I haven’t gotten to the staining part yet, but I sure hope mine doesn’t soak through like yours did :(. It looks like paint can be a great backup plan though, right?

    • Yeah – it’s a tough job, especially if it’s particleboard with a bit of veneer. You have to sand it JUST ENOUGH but not TOO MUCH otherwise the stain won’t work! Hope you have better luck with the staining than we did! :)

  • avatar Anne says:

    Very nice. I personally find “Enjoying Your Houseplants” to be the best of your books. It gives me a mental imagine of you and your houseplant frolicking in the sunshine. Perhaps later the two of you will play hopscotch and then drink some lemonade together. What a lovely relationship you will have after only a few pointers from this handy tome.

  • avatar micah says:

    Great job on the table and I LOVE that lamp!! Oh, and thanks for the shout out!