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Frozen pipes.

January 4th, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Bumming Out

Ugh. We came home from a trip to visit my family in Lincoln to find that every single pipe in our house had frozen. Every. single. freaking. pipe.

Insert tears, some choice words, a very long night, and several trips to Home Depot and Target, and we have about half of our pipes working again.

Daniel has spent a lot of time in our crawl space, and we’d love to show you some pics of what he found down there, but it was dark and creepy, and sad. We’ll spare you the details.

But yes, we are still battling the pipes sitch. A post is soon to come on the efforts we’ve made to “winterize” our house.

But so far, 2010 sucks. :(

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5 Responses

  • avatar Emily says:

    That sounds awful! I hope you post how to fix it. I keep my faucets on a constant drip to keep that from happening…but I still worry. (And I am NOT crawling in the scary, cold, bug-ridden place under my house. There’s just no way.)

    Two other things that I heard helps prevent it: keeping your cabinet doors beneath your sink open (to let heat have complete access to pipes), unscrewing garden hoses from outside faucets, and putting covers on outside faucets.

    Good luck! I hope running water is restored soon. :)

  • Aww! I hope that things get better quickly!!

  • avatar Anne says:

    No good. Oh wait, I have a brilliant idea. Offer them coffee and chocolate if they would just cooperate. That always works with me. Then, if they don’t cooperate, at least you have coffee and chocolate.

  • avatar Mon says:

    You could be living in the cold mountains of Afghanistan…. be homeless (no pipes problem there!) or have your house flooded upon returning from your home in Nebraska… SOOOOO, it is going to get better, just count your blessings and you have so many… starting with your wonderful husband. Love you, Mom