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An American Tail – Waldo Style

December 13th, 2009 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Irrational Fears


(Quick side note: I apologize about the lack of posts lately – but my little baby Mac now has ZERO, count ’em, ZERO space left so I can’t upload or edit any pictures. So, until Daniel finishes cleaning out the garage and finds his external hard-drive, I am not able to upload any original pics to el blogo Waldo. And now back to our regular programming…..)

A MOUSE!!!!! Fievel has moved into our kitchen…..

Hawkins #1 Most Wanted

Now, you may ask, how did you find out about said mouse? Well, I’ll tell you. Daniel & I were in the kitchen making Great Grandma Mabel’s potato soup (not my Great Grandma but actually my friend Josh’s GGMA’s recipe – I don’t have a GGMA Mabel – but I digress) and minding our own business when suddenly Daniel gasped like a little girl (sorry babe, but you did) and nearly threw a kitchen knife into the air. “What?!??!??! WHHHHHHAAAAAAT????!???!?” I screamed, because, of course, I can’t let him be MORE dramatic than me. “A mouse,” he replied, with his hand over his heart, trying to steady his breathing. To this I jumped up and down squealing, “EWWWWW! WE. ARE. GETTING. A. KITTY!” Instantly, Daniel was calmed and said, “Nope.” But I still think a trained mouse killer is the answer – a kitty. Especially since the two creatures in the house who have sworn to protect us were no help and generally just sat there as the mouse sauntered across the floor looking like this….

Obviously not the EXACT pic of how they looked in that moment - but the same general dumbstruck get the idea...

So I say we get a cat. Daniel says we get mousetraps. What do YOU say? (please say kitty…..I’ve always wanted one and I feel that a vote of confidence from the great wide blogoverse might sway Daniel my way!)

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4 Responses

  • avatar Kate says:

    I can’t recommend a cat. We had two cats in our Waldo duplex when we got a mouse. They didn’t care in the slightest. I’ve never known a cat to actually catch mice unless the cat was raised in a barn and caught them to eat. Cats who live in houses, in my experience, just don’t care. Mouse traps worked really, really well though. Sorry!

  • avatar Heide says:

    I have a giant sweet tomcat who is an excellent mouser and is my dogs best buddy. I definately recommend getting a mousing tom who doubles as a dog warmer :)

  • avatar Anne says:

    Remember the part in The Patriot where Mel Gibson puts his two young sons in the woods with muskets and then the three of them proceed to destroy an entire unit (battalion? army? whatever) of British infantry?

    That’s what you need to do. Get a musket, and go Mel-Gibson-crazy on that little booger.

    The cat is optional in this scenerio.