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December 3rd, 2009 | Posted by Emily in Stuff I Love

Daniel & I won the ticket lottery for Wicked on Tuesday – which means we got to sit 2nd row for only $50! It was amazing and I highly recommend you going to see the show if you get the chance! I have been listening to the soundtrack in my car for the past two weeks and after seeing it, I don’t see me taking it out of the CD player for awhile… is. just. so. good! Ridiculously good. Nothing like the book at all, but still amazing! Yes, see it. Please, then tell me about it so we can squeal and yelp and jump up and down at it’s amazingness! Have I mentioned you should see it???

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  • avatar micah says:

    Both of you went for $50?? How do you enter the lottery? I’ve been wanting to see this show for awhile – everyone loves it!

    • You just go down to the Music Hall 2 1/2 hours before the show and put your name into the lottery (at the box office). They draw out 10 names 30 minutes later and those 10 people get 2 super close seats for $25 each. You have to pay in cash on the spot though, so make sure you bring $50 in cash. You and your hubs can both put your names in so you have a really good chance of getting in. And even if they don’t draw your name, they offer up any remaining available seats for $40 each to purchase. It’s a pretty sweet deal! This is the last weekend it’s in town, so you can try tonight, Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Let me know what you think if you go – it would seriously be worth it!

  • avatar Kate says:

    Sweet deal! I saw the production in Denver and was super impressed. I do prefer the plot and complications and darkness of the book, but how can you not love that production? Just phenom! I’m glad you guys had such a great time!