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Urban Farmers Market

November 21st, 2009 | Posted by Emily in Green Bungie | KC Neighborhood Gems

I’ve been bugging Daniel for awhile to go to the Badseed Farmers Market. It’s located in the Crossroads and brings together area farmers to sell their “beyond organic” products to city kids who want to do their part for the environment (or at least avoid getting some kind of life threatening illness from all the pesticides and other gross stuff found in supermarket veggies). I’ve been curious, mostly because I really want to start eating grass-fed only meat, and they have a couple vendors at the market who sell it. Why grass-fed only? Well, ever since I read The Ominvore’s Dilemma and watched Food, Inc. I’ve been a little creeped out by the local grocery store, especially the meat counter. So, in my attempt to be more conscious of the food I eat, we found ourselves at Badseed on Friday night….

While the actual market isn’t that big, there were a variety of vendors selling vegetables, meat, and even cheese! Here’s what we found…

We haven't gotten the nerve to try turnips just yet...anyone know of a good recipe to start us out on our turnip journey?

Also with the fennel, not quite sure what to do with that....

Sweet potatoes galore!

They kinda look like pudgy fingers...

Another one on my "Veggies to try" list...

Beautiful flowers!!

After looking around for a bit, we ended up with  a couple round steaks from a sweet vendor named Amy, from Wells Family Farm, who gave us a couple recipes to try, a carrot that Bugs Bunny would die for, some onions, rainbow chard, and some ammmmmazing cheese from Green Dirt Farms.


Confetti Cheese from Green Dirt Farms = Cheese Heaven

I will let you know how it goes with the chard….I put some of the cheese on my homemade egg mcmuffin this morning and thought it was wonderful! If you have some time, definitely check out Food, Inc. because it will change the way you feel about the food you eat!

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