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Let the Real Work Begin

November 1st, 2009 | Posted by Emily in Fall fun

So I decided that it was finally time I jump in here and let my voice be heard. While Emily makes decisions about what our house should look like, I am the one responsible for making those plans whims happen. That’s not to say Emily isn’t a very hard worker, because she is. She works hard and helps me a lot, some things are just left up to me to execute.

Today’s project was getting the leaves raked. Raking wasn’t so hard, bagging got pretty old though.


Project of the day = leaves

We also have a ton of acorns from the tree in our front yard, maybe that’s why the squirrels seem to like our place so much.

Acorns = Squirrel Paradise

After the leaves came the gutters. The leaves have completely clogged them up, and seeing as how some of them flow the wrong direction anyway, that’s not a good thing. I got most of the gunk cleaned out.  Gutters always have this particular funk smell. It’s a kind of moldy/musty/rotten kind of a smell. I’m sure Emily is sad she misses out on that.

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3 Responses

  • avatar micah says:

    Just clicked over from your comment on YHL… it’s fun to find fellow KC bloggers! Cute house!

  • avatar Emily says:

    Daniel, Emily’s lucky to have you do the dirty work. :) I feel your pain about the raking and bagging. I’d like to say that I took the task on all by myself, but I actually talked my dad into coming and helping me with my yard. We raked, bagged, sucked (he has this leaf blower/sucker thing), and swept till the sun went down. I was feeling very accomplished until my cleaned-up yard was covered by a whole NEW layer of leaves, acorns, pinecones and such. I’m prepping myself for round 2 this weekend! The leaves are going down!!! *By the way, I love hearing about you and Emily’s activities/home progress on here, so keep it up. I miss you guys!

  • avatar Emily says:

    Also, I highly recommend the leaf scoop things that look like giant sporks for your hands. I tried them out last night and they are AWESOME.