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Front Bedroom

October 28th, 2009 | Posted by Emily in Bedrooms | Home Improvement

We finally got the front bedroom put together, at least a bit…..we’re still thinking about paint color – any ideas? I am thinking a pretty yellow-y tan or maybe a darker brown. We’ll see.

So, here is the before…



and after….



West Elm futon and the dogs kennels


Computer desk - loving on our floating shelves!



I covered the dog kennels in burlap to make them less conspicuous.



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4 Responses

  • avatar Suzanne says:

    A yellowish tan would be fabulous! Does the room face north or south? Dark brown would be pretty too… depending on how much sunlight you get in there. Perhaps even a gray color, if you bring in some brightness through throw pillows or something. I am envisioning this color though:

    (The one with “Beachwalk” by Behr.) And, if you don’t follow Centsational Girl yet, you totally should!

    P.S. Be careful with yellow! I thought I had just the right color picked out for our living room, but once the whole room was painted it looked too lemony. :( I am hoping window treatments will help tone it down… probably wishful thinking!

  • I love those floating shelves above the desk! I like the idea of the dark brown, but I think it would be sad to see the dark furniture disappear.

  • I just added Centsational Girl to my google reader! Can’t wait to start reading it! And that Behr color looks good – I’ll keep that in mind! I definitely don’t want the color to be too dark (like you said, Kasey, I don’t want the dark furniture to disappear!) but I was thinking maybe like Behr’s Harvest Brown. Or maybe we’ll go in a completely different direction…

  • avatar Anne says:

    On a different note, I think the burlap over the kennels makes it look like you tucked them in for the night. Very cozy, my friend.