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Bungie (defined)

October 10th, 2009 | Posted by Emily in About Us

Yesterday, Daniel mentioned that people might be confused as to what “Waldo Bungie” means. He informed me that it looks like “Waldo Bungee,” implying that we attach a stretchy cord to our ankles and jump off the roof of our house for fun-sies. It would have been nice to know he thought that BEFORE I named our blog, but I digress. Bungie actually is short for “bungalow” which is the style of house we live in. I mean, with 950 sq. feet, you can’t exactly call it a ranch, can you? Ranches imply large homes with massive sq. footage. 950 sq. feet is probably the size of Oprah’s bathroom. Although, I am pretty sure she doesn’t live in a ranch. But again, I digress. So, let’s recap……

Waldo Bungie

Waldo Bungie

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