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The Dining Room

October 5th, 2009 | Posted by Emily in Dining Room | Home Improvement

So, here is a little before and after in the dining room – I decided to show this one off first because, really, well it’s the only one that’s clean!

The Living Room .... before.
The Living Room …. before.

Great bones right? We have some great ideas for this room. Here’s where we’re at so far…


The Living Room ... halfway....
The Living Room … halfway….
$25 West Elm nesting cubes!
$25 West Elm nesting cubes!
Jade plant from Nate & De's wedding
Jade plant from Nate & De’s wedding

What do you think? We still have some work to do – we are planning on putting some floating shelves up and once Christmas rolls around, the screen from our wedding will be replaced with a Christmas tree! We are also awaiting some linen curtains from IKEA (thanks to Andrew & Cori!) that will tie the living room and dining room together – I am excited to see how that will look.  Any ideas for what should go on the floating shelves? I am open for suggestion….


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